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Logo and Feng Shui
logo is representative of a company, from logo design can predict almost to the company's prospects. The following example will be one of the several largest global companies rise and fall experience. They are the world-renowned large companies, some now Filed for bankruptcy protection; Some company went down after mergered other; Some used to be the world's highest sales volume vehicle manufacturers, but now a lot of problems, reputation plummeted.

As some of Chinese interpretation of Feng Shui may not be fully translated into English, if there are grammatical errors please forgive me for my poor English.
*All logo images are fully owned by those companies mentioned in the article.

Posted on May 06, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

JAPAN AIRLINES Why bankruptcy?

JAPAN AIRLINES (Japan Airlines) had a global reputation service is the best airline. They all young and attractive flight attendants, smiling all the time, they are service like first-class services, JAPAN AIRLINES (Japan Airlines) is our shuttle company passenger favorite airlines.
The logo above is JAPAN AIRLINES (JAL) old logo, they often use the logo of the most prosperous time Japan Airlines.

Many people know that Japan's national flag is represented by a red sun, JAPAN AIRLINES (JAL) new logo with the red sun but with a half-sun (left logo photo in the tail of the aircraft) They did not take long after use this new logo, the company went bankruptcy reorganization last month.

Why JAPAN AIRLINES (JAL) new logo will make Japan Airlines bankruptcy?
It's very simple: the sun symbolizes strength, power; when JAPAN AIRLINES (JAL) use the whole sun as logo, the company is very strong at the time. However, since the comapny decided to use half sun as new logo, the company slowly ultimately Into bankruptcy.

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Toyota's Rise and Fall

Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1937, this year has been 73 years old. Toyota Motor Corporation from a Japanese car company into a global quality and No. 1 sales Motor Company in 2009. Many years ago, When Toyota changed the company logo I already know it will be won to decline.
Why? If you carefully study the company's logo you will find: "Toyota Motor Corporation's logo oval mainly by three cycles of combination." Toyota Motor Corporation logo is oval with the earth Shaped by three cycles of the same type of shaped. In which the meaning can be imagined.
Now to analyze the Toyota logo. It's three elliptical shape of a circle to circle the earth wrapped in two small circles, while the distribution of small circle is a sideways, and the other erected; the formation of a large oval shaped ring (on behalf of the Earth) package with the two small oval shaped ring composed of "T" word (on behalf of Toyota Motor Corporation's first letter). What a perfect combination (logo).
Unfortunately, Toyota's logo designers ignored the oval in shape to do at the feng shui use. Elliptic disadvantage is small and the middle at both ends to oval logo of the company as the ultimate escape defeat. From the most recent Toyota Motor Company recall more than 8 million cars worldwide is not difficult to imagine Toyota's is on the tail of oval.
I think Toyota Motor Corporation is the time to consider changing its logo.

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