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Honolulu Poor FengShui Design
Honolulu - Hawaii's state capital, a beautiful city, many people want to come to here for vacation.
There are many luxury building in Honolulu, but some of them have poor FengShui design. Let us analyze what kind FengShui design defect in these building.
*The following case are purely FengShui analyze, I am not against any person or any company.

Too many sharp corners, Not enough light......

poor FengShu designi

Keola Lai luxury Condominiums located 2 blocks from downtown Honolulu, This luxury apartments building finished about two years ago, but the ground floor office space still can't find any renter. Those office space near the downtown Honolulu areas, should be very easy to rent, why still no renter?
From FengShui analysis, these office spaces have some design flaws.
First: Commercial office space design can not have too many sharp corners or triangles, because these designs will make difficult to set up furniture and lack of space. Also, sharp corners and triangles are bad luck in FengShui design, people only use sharp corners and triangles design to against competitor.
Second: Those office space doors and windows are too far away from the roadside, is not easy to attract the attention of pedestrians and passing vehicles, Also not enough light.
Third: The landscape(trees) around the building blocking the views and sunshine for those office space.

*Re-design the interior layout to minimize sharp angle, preferably square design. Also re-design outdoor face best semi-circular and square. Try to make the glass doors and windows close to the edge of the building.
*Because your purpose is business, so those landscape better not more than 1 foot high, otherwise it will block the views.
*Also they should build a circular fountain at the middle, behind the fountain put five flagpoles to enhance the building fortune.

Posted on Mar 16, 2010
by: Johnny Cheng


Remember five years ago March 16, 2010. I wrote a article about the ground floor of the building near downtown Honolulu, at the time I think it was a very bad Feng Shui design. the result would predictably, recent out of control car crashed into one of the store make some damaged. proved the accuracy of Feng Shui, lucky there were no casualties.
proved the accuracy of Feng Shui
**Photo above is from the internet

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Windowless cement building

poor FengShu designi

If you lived in Honolulu Hawaii for more than 20 years, you must know that the only telephone company HawaiianTel Honolulu's Headquarters is located in Bishop St and S Beretania St corner. In the past 20 years, This Telephone company changed hands 3 times. from MCI to Verizon and now HawaiianTel. No matter for whom, the company barely made money, recently HawaiianTel also filed for bankruptcy protection order.
As early as 15 years ago when I went to pay my telephone bills I'm already knew any company doing business in this building won't stay long. Why? This building is a FengShui design failure. I never saw any building was without windows. HawaiianTel's Headquarters building is an almost windowless cement building. This building is less lights and air flow, not even mention the FengShui designs.
Any company doing business in this building just like "trapped in the prison", if you don't have "freedom", how can you growing business.
Moreover, on the right side of HawaiianTel's Headquarters a narrow and thin luxury residential building just finished not too long ago, it took out the only open space and block the wind, also this new building is too close to HawaiianTel's Headquarters building. So many bad things forced HawaiianTel to bankruptcy. . . . .

*Make more windows(Almost impossible).
*Move location.

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