FengShui: The Power, The Magic...

Let us analyze historical data to prove the existence of Chinese feng shui numerology and its accuracy. Since 2004, I published on the Internet(Chinese Websites) a lot about feng shui and natural disasters, feng shui and finance related to accurate prediction.

Now I will list some of my articles and I have translated them into English, as some of Chinese interpretation of Feng Shui may not be fully translated into English, if there are grammatical errors please forgive me for my poor English.

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September, 2006 I sold all my stocks and buy an apartment

September 2006 six months before the financial turmoil in 2007(2007 Lunar Chinese New Year is the Western calendar, February 18, 2007), I sold out all the stocks in my TD AMERITRADE account and closed it(at that time is on the rise in the stock market). Then I used the money for a down payment bought an apartment in the University of Hawaii area(house prices are relatively stable areas). At the same time I posted an article on my website(Chinese) telling everyone to leave the stock market, the results of 99.99% of the people are laugh at me; because the stock markets around the world are going up, until the first half of 2007.
I do not care about other people's ridicule, because I believe that my knowledge and believe that the five elements of history Lunar New Year. In my nearly 20 years of the five elements Chinese Zodiac numerology study, every year ending with "7" financial and stock markets always crash. 1987 U.S. stock market crash, 1997 Asian financial crisis, in 2007 will be the same.....
I saw lots people made money until mid-2007. Not for too long, I saw countless people lost everything in the 2007-2008 financial crisis. But me, I didn't make anything from the stock markets in first half year of 2007, I also didn't lost a single dime in the financial crisis.
Until today March 2010, history proved to me three years ago the decision was correct. The five elements of knowledge and history Lunar New Year has once again proven the "Fire 7" years of power, The apartment I bought with low fixed rates so far prices is still very stable, fluctuating less than 10%.

*The year of fire "7" financial market always crash, every 10 years after the event will occur once again. For example: 1987 (Fire Rabbit) United States occurred in the financial stock market crash. 10 year after, 1997 (Fire Ox) re-emergence of the Asian financial turmoil. 10 year after, 2007 (Fire Pig) financial Crisis occurred in the United States again.

October 27, 2007 I strongly recommend people buy gold in 2008

October 27, 2007, according to the five elements zodiac, 2008 (soil Year of the Rat) and 2009 (soil Ox) are the soil years, while the [soil] benefit [gold], gold price will greatly increased. So I Posted article in my Chinese website strongly recommend people buy gold at the year of 2008, I also predicted that gold will rise over 1000 U.S. dollars in 2008, resulting in 2008 gold rose to 1030 U.S. dollars, year 2009 gold price reach 1200 U.S. dollars. (Unfortunately, my Five Elements is "wood" and I can not buy gold ........, otherwise I could make a lots money.)

September 27, 2008 I suggest people buy stocks at October 29, 2008

September 27, 2008 I published an article in my Chinese website, I suggest people buy stocks after October 29, 2008. At that time everybady asked me: "Why should get in to the stock market after October 29, 2008"? I did a lots analyze and review the world situation, also remind people 2006, 2007, 2008 the Five Elements of Zodiac accurate Forecast, this time I once again use the five elements zodiac predictions 2008 October 29 is the U.S. stock market bottom.

I'm not just published an article predicting October 29, 2008 is the bottom of the stock market, On October 22, 2008 I also opened a trading account at TD AMERITRADE. October 30, 2008 I started to buy stocks when stock prices incredibly cheap after slumped, I got a lot of good company's stock with very cheap price(most of them I still hold until now).

The five elements Zodiac did not disappoint me, by the end of October 2008 it really was the U.S. stock market the first bottom of the "W" bottom. Unfortunately, I was a shortage of funds, only with some savings and the use some money borrow from my credit cards to buy stocks. In more than a year since I bought those stocks, I earn more than I lose. I have only sold a few stocks for the past 16 months. The most profited is a medical stock, buying price is $ 0.40 U.S. dollars a share, I sold it by the end of 2009 approximately 6.40 U.S. dollars a share, I sold 75% shares and I still keep 25% shares. Unfortunately, I had insufficient funds otherwise make a incredible 16 times is a lot of money. because many of stocks I get it with very lower prices, and long-term bullish, so I am in no hurry to sell it, I believe that 1 - 2 years later, there must be a substantial profit.

In the past 3 years I use the five elements zodiac knowledge accurate forecasts of the three times(2007 financial Crisis, 2008 buy gold, October 29, 2008 the bottom of U.S. stock market) of financial stock market's future. In the future I will continue to study the five elements Chinese Zodiac science, be properly using it to benefit of all people.

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