FengShui: The Power, The Magic...

Let us analyze historical data to prove the existence of Chinese feng shui numerology and its accuracy. Since 2004, I published on the Internet(Chinese Websites) a lot about feng shui and natural disasters, feng shui and finance related to accurate prediction.

Now I will list some of my articles and I have translated them into English, as some of Chinese interpretation of Feng Shui may not be fully translated into English, if there are grammatical errors please forgive me for my poor English.


9 Months Summary of 2012

Many endings are in the world can not be changed, as I first predicted: "January 14, 2012 Taiwan presidential election incumbent President Ma Ying-jeou re-elected. Do you believe in the success of Ma Ying-jeou for Re-elected on behalf of Barack Obama will Re-elected U.S. President?" Today, the results show my prediction is entirely correct, U.S. President Barack Obama re-elected again, because history is can not be changed.

9 months have passed in 2012, our first forecast almost all of them come true.
# 1: U.S. President Barack Obama Re-elected;
# 2: Global large-scale natural disasters continue: avian flu the mouth sings epidemic and other weird epidemic in some areas of the world occurred;
# 3: global financial markets and more turmoil, the U.S. stock and bond markets alone thriving, is still the preferred investment for 2012.
# 4: the price of oil and gold (metal) price drop.

In my prediction only the major earthquake has not happened yet, other were fulfilled. From now to next Chinese New Year still 3 more months, I still stick to my prediction: this year will occur at least once 9.0 major earthquake, we must remain vigilant.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Numerology and Financial Research
November 06, 2012

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Beware of the storm

Are you ready?

Everyone will have noticed in the recent months frequent earthquakes happen around the world. Remember I predicted in this year's Super major earthquake? Recent frequent seismic activity is likely to be super earthquake precursors. The people living in the earthquake zone must learn how to escape when the super earthquake happen.

I believe the super earthquake will happen at least once within three to five months. California, Hawaii, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Iran and Mexico, etc. countries and regions will be high risk zones.

Posted on September 05, 2012
By: Mr.Johnny Cheng

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Majority of our prophecies are all fulfilled

Just like what we predicted early this year. Oil prices go down; gold prices lower than last year (2011). Global stock market crash(including the United States), If you followed me fled the stock market by end of March this year you already earn money. Greece economy will collapse soon and Spain will follow. There is no hope for Europe's economy. Established the euro is simply the wrong decision. Europe's economic just like a wood house with all the termites damaged and only way to fix it is pulled down and rebuilt. "Printing money to repair termite house did not solve the problem."

Until now, only the 9.0 earthquake has not yet occurred, the majority of our prophecies are all fulfilled(9.0 earthquake will happen this year). The smartest choice is to hold cash (U.S. dollars) stay away from the stock market of any country.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Numerology and Financial Research
June 01, 2012

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The turmoil began

As mentioned in my prophecy early this year. Starting April 2012 U.S. stock market began turmoil. More powerful earthquake(at least 8.0 magnitude or maybe 9.0 magnitude) will occur in next few months. Last few days the Dow Jones index fell hundreds of points and today 8.6 earthquake occurred in Indonesia and western Mexico 7.0 earthquake proved my predictions.

Posted on April 11, 2012
By: Mr.Johnny Cheng

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No reasons the stock market rise

A month ago(mid-February 2012) I have sold all the stocks. Many people must have thought I was crazy. The global stock markets going up because Greece maybe survived, I can not ignore the market a false impression, because I know the stock market will start going down in March. I will not be deceived by the stock market.

The stock market short-term rise illusion so many people full of expectations for the economic upturn, See the Dow Jones index is reached new high, you will not be willing to sell stock. But the lie of the stock market a false impression will sooner or later betray oneself, by the time you want to sell your stocks will be too late.

Just want you to think: Greek will not get out of debts and it will eventually default or withdraw from the EU. China and Hong Kong property market downturn, many people will be bankruptcy and negative equity because they bought the house in high prices. China's internal problems are serious, many in private borrowing tricked down the drain. Because these adverse factors China's stock market had already been fell to 2008 levels.

Hong Kong economy also not too good, many securities firms in Hong Kong closed down, those who overpaid for real estate will become negative assets (Few months I already told people: real estate in Hong Kong is full of foam). Hong Kong and Macao has always been to believe that China government will support them. Unfortunately, they considered missed if China economic downturn will also hurt the Hong Kong and Macau. When China economic go down Macau casino will desolate, Hong Kong's property market will drop but nobody want to buy.

Soon you will see the U.S. Federal Reserve re-launched the QE3(reintroduce the QE3 cannot save the European and Asia economic downturn). The title of the world cheap manufacturing "China" will disappear with the rising wages, rising global oil and the rising costs. China the exporting country will become a major importer. I exit the stock market in mid-February 2012 was the right decision, and recently a few days the stock market fell back also proved this point. Try to rational analysis: "Nothings to support the stock market rise today." Continue to monitor the coming months I will tell you when the stock market will rise again.

Posted on March 30, 2012
By: Mr.Johnny Cheng

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I have sold all the stocks

Storm is approaching, the global stock market will certainly fall. I have sold all the stocks, 100% holdings cash now."

Posted on March 06, 2012
By: Mr.Johnny Cheng

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Packed up and evacuate from the stock market

Packed up and evacuate from the stock market. Until last Friday, I have already sold 80% of my stocks. As I forecast. The stock market will become unrest and fall beginning in March, 2012. Strained relations between the United States and Iran pushed up oil prices, The rise in oil prices will undoubtedly bring down economic growth. So I suggest: "Stay away from the stock market between March and September, hold cash."

Posted on February 22, 2012
By: Mr.Johnny Cheng

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Beware of the storm

Before the storm arrived is always a good sunny weather. Before the end of March the U.S. stock market will certainly continue to go up. Just like the case of financial crisis in the year of 2007[Fire Pig]. Before July 2007 almost all stocks rise, when everyone's cheering. Suddenly a financial crisis come, many people lose everything. Take precautions, beware of the storm.

Posted on January 26, 2012
By: Mr.Johnny Cheng

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