FengShui: The Power, The Magic...

Let us analyze historical data to prove the existence of Chinese feng shui numerology and its accuracy. Since 2004, I published on the Internet(Chinese Websites) a lot about feng shui and natural disasters, feng shui and finance related to accurate prediction.

Now I will list some of my articles and I have translated them into English, as some of Chinese interpretation of Feng Shui may not be fully translated into English, if there are grammatical errors please forgive me for my poor English.


Denmark Saxo bank 2016 forecast vs my opinion

Today I saw an article about Denmark Saxo Bank "Ten forecast for 2016", Including oil prices rise to $ 100 a barrel, Appreciation of the euro, Depreciation of the US dollar, etc. I can definitely tell you: Who believe their predictions you will lose your money. I will analyze their forecasts and provide my opinion.

# 1: The price of oil in 2016 will not return to $ 100 a barrel, and is likely to fall $ 10 a barrel. Because the lifting sanctions for Iran, the infighting between United States and Russia; also the appreciation of the dollar are not conducive oil prices recovery.

# 2: The devaluation of the dollar in 2016 is not possible, because US interest rates increased would make the dollar go up.

# 3: The Brazilian economy will not revive by the Olympic, because not every Olympic are making money; the problem of Brazil is the corruption.

4: The Democratic Party won't win the 2016 election, , Hillary can't win; because of Taiwan's Kuomintang defeat.

# 5: Silver price rose 33% nearly impossible. Because year 2016 is the "year of fire", fire unfavorable metal. Gold, silver and iron metal price impossible to rise in 2016.

Again, I have to remind you: When we close to 2017, we are getting closer to the financial crisis! Remember my advice: "Stay away from the stock market, reducing real estate investment".

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
January 20, 2016

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Now do you believe it?

Last few weeks so many things happened around the world, all in my expected. Terrorist attacks in Indonesia, nearly a thousand refugees sexual harassment hundreds women in Germany, global stock market like roller coaster ups and downs.

Last few months I constantly remind everyone not to go to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe travel if not necessary. Because any time you are likely to be the next victim.

I also criticized the European countries failed refugee policy, Germany is a good example. German Prime Minister Angela Merkel will pay a heavy price for her refugee policy. European countries have often criticized the human rights situation in Asian countries, sometimes moral politics is not working. When you admit large numbers of refugees from the Middle East and Africa, have you thinking about local people? Their quiet life will be changed forever; the crime rate unemployment will rise sharply.

And I had warned you few months ago: If you have heart diseases do not invest in stocks market, because the stock market will be like a roller coaster ups and downs. As we enter into 2016 stock market volatility will be increasing, because we are getting close to the financial storm.

Good luck everyone!

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
January 15, 2016

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Today we talk about oil prices

Remember my article (last year and early this year) has said that crude oil prices are unlikely to rise, because oil prices is a powerful weapon US and western countries used against Russia and Venezuela. Look at today's Russia under US and western countries economic sanctions, Russia made less money because crude oil price fell, as well as Venezuela. Venezuela's ruling party also suffered a setback due to the poor economy, shortages of resources and rising commodity price people can not even buy toilet paper, the opposition coalition just won parliamentary election.

Now do you believe the price of oil now why always so low, right? Western countries aim to achieve, but this battle of wits most benefit is that all drivers. In fact, US and European countries didn't get any advantage from the low oil prices, because low oil price mean low tax.

OPEC oil prices continue to maintain a low price is wrong choice, they are helping the United States against Russia and Venezuela did not get any benefit. Because of the low prices to make their economic instability greatly and reduced income. Use of the reserve will make these Middle Eastern countries cash greatly reduced. OPEC using the low oil prices to combat shale oil and gas companies is a very irrational behavior. This lose-lose approach you might win in the final game(price), but when you want to improve oil price the financial crisis will occurred.

I'm here to thank you OPEC's decision to the province me a lot of money. Many shale oil and gas companies will ultimately under the influence of low oil prices, there will be many people unemployed. It's time for those workers to looking for a new job.

More articles coming next two months.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
December 8, 2015

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European Union is an organization that should not be produced

Remember I said it long time ago:"European Union is an organization that should not be produced". The terrorist attacks in France to highlight the European Union weaknesses. European countries, open borders, lax border controls, a large reception of refugees, provided the opportunity and convenience to terrorists.

Why ISIS to cruel killing of civilians? Because they know they cannot win in the confrontation with Western countries, the only way is to create terror bloody killings to produce psychological blow. also generated refugees in Iraq and Syria war, take advantage of Western countries human rights and compassion, then they have the opportunity mixed with refugees flows into the western countries to combat terrorist attacks to hurt Western economies.

911 is good an example of terrorist attacks against Western countries’ economies.

Terrorist attacks will definitely happen again during this year Christmas holidays and most likely still in Europe, especially those countries receiving large number of refugees, such as Germany; as well as America's loyal ally Britain.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
November 22, 2015

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Remember my advice you?

Remember my advice you? "until next Feb 08, 2016 do not go on a trip if you don't have to, don't go to place with a lots people there." Today's terrorist attacks in France hundreds of people dead and injured. Also 10/31/2015 terrorists bomb bring down Russian aircraft in Egyptian killed more than 224 people, still not enough to prove my advice?

I do not know what will be happen, but I can tell you: This is a very unlucky year, it will come back every 60 years. Take my advice, because we are still three months from next lunar year; during to this three months there will be countless deaths, there will be countless natural disasters occur. God bless you all!

Also I want to advice European leaders: Your immigration policy is a failure, accepted a large number of immigrants from middle East will give the opportunity for terrorists immersing into your country to carry out terrorist attacks.

In fact, United States much smarter than Europe, because they do not accept the Middle East refugees. Not all refugees are bad, but as long as there is one terrorist in 10,000 refugees enough to cause 100 billions of dollars in losses in economy in your country.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
November 13, 2015

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Super disasters year vs El Nino year

Now let us analyze the relationship between the Super disasters year and El Nino year. This is year is the Western scientists called year of El Nino, in feng shui we called: "the super disasters years"; Feng Shui has already discovered that three thousand years ago. Whenever the worst zodiac Five Elements years will be the super disaster year. For example this year's Lunar year of "sheep" plus the year of water become the year of "Water Sheep" one of the worst zodiac Five Elements years.

Chinese Lunar Year just pass eight months, around the world has undergone numerous natural disasters caused a lot of casualties; at the same time the economy around the world has caused tremendous losses. From now to next Chinese lunar year which is about four months, all disasters will slowly weaken. Just like Western scientists referred El Nino will end early next year.

Feng Shui was able to predict earlier things happening, that science cannot explain this phenomenon. Sometimes disasters is to punish all sins peoples have previously made. For example: Japan Natural disasters is now more than ever, that is to tell you the Japanese government should not have to return to the idea of militarism era. If the current Japanese prime minister continues to do so it will bring numerous natural disasters to the Japanese people. I've long ago warned the Japanese government must stop want to restore the idea of militarism. Japanese people last few days to protest against Japan's current government is the regime (recovery militarism) dissatisfaction. After the war in Iraq and Syria is Japanese Prime Minister can't see those people suffered harm after the war?

Super Scourge years will end in about four months, but I'm still worried about some parts of the world will have a super large earthquake or tsunami happen at the end of this year, there will be countless lives will be lost in this unknown disaster. Because when the "sheep" died in the water will lead to a large-scale natural disasters. The best example is 2004 the year of "Water Monkey" occur the super large earthquake tsunami is southern Asia. Also natural disasters around the world will continue to occur for next four months until next year February.

I hope in the next four months everyone can be safely in this super natural disasters year, God bless us.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
September 15, 2015

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Please take my advice

In February, when I published the new forecast for the whole year I remind everyone that this particular year will be a lot of natural and man-Made disasters many people will die. Because this is the feng shui disaster year, every 60 years to appear once. We are still seven and half months from next Chinese calendar year, which means we are still have 7 months of disasters. Please take my advice: stay away from crowded places, try not to attend some big concert or many people, especially outdoor activities. Go on a trip stay away from the Middle East, South Asia and Europe.

If you do not believe my prediction then you look at the news and see my prediction whether the Right.
Nepal earthquake, the German pilot suicide collider, Texas floods, China River Shipwreck, Korea MERS, Tunisia Beach (IS) horror of the Holocaust (39 foreign tourists killed), Taiwan concert over 500 casualties. . . . . See these things have happened this year how bad you believe it?

Now I give advice to central banks around the world:
Rise the interest rates as soon as possible, which country rise the interest rates and then they could reduce the financial turmoil (very sadly, China's central bank has just cut interest rates). Why I hope that central banks to raise interest rates now? Because interest rates can reduce the 2016 financial crisis lose. Today, the US stock market broke a new record high, Chinese stock market volatility is definitely not a good thing. Even the elderly Chinese people play the stock market. These small investors will be a victim of the stock market crash.

Financial crisis arrive early:
the financial crisis will arrive next year, but many people may not notice it come quietly. His actual damage will appear in the end of 2016 and early 2017 years. Remember Buffett famous: When everyone ran to buy the stock, It's time start selling stocks. Look at today's stock market, have you forgotten years ago dot.com stock market crash.

Greece withdraw from the EU and the euro
Few years ago I predicted Greece will eventually withdraw from the EU. The euro and the EU is something should not be generated. Greece withdraws and Eurozone disintegration is a matter of time.

Now I will give Republicans some advice:
Republicans appeared numerous 2016 presidential candidates it is not a good sign. Too many candidates will only have to spend more confusing situation, if elected a "wrong guy" will only make the Democrats win the presidency again. Republicans should pick a few elite for presidential primary. The list of candidates should not exceed three guys.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Numerology and Financial Research
June 28, 2015

China Tianjin big explosion killed and injuries hundreds just four days, in Bangkok Thailand's famous tourist attractions car bomb explosion resulted in dozens of deaths occurred. Please read my annual article, I first advice: If I were you I would reduce the number of travel and avoid going to some famous places. I will publish later about the year of water sheep and El Nino articles.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Numerology and Financial Research
August 17, 2015

Just two days ago I posted in my Facebook page told people best not to play the stock market (too risky). The results of these two days the stock market (Dow Jones) fall 888 points. If I were you I would slowly reduce holdings stocks before the next year financial crisis.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
August 21, 2015

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2015 Water Sheep global future prediction

2014 already passed, most things we prediction are come true. Including gold price continued weakness, oil prices go down. US stocks rose. We enter 2015 on February 19, the year of water sheep. 2015 is only one word summed up "chaos", and this year even more chaotic than last year's. Sheep would have been a good omen beaming; unfortunately this is the worst year for "Sheep" - the water Sheep.

2015 is a more Hard and tumultuous than 2014. This year there will be more unrest and war around the world, there will be more deaths. Water-related disasters will be more than previous years, such as: storms, typhoons, snowstorms and floods. This year more turmoil in financial markets ups and downs very often. Oil prices will not raise may also go down. Gold price continue weakness, the US dollar will continue strong; the US stock market will continue to rise. Europe's economy continues to soft, some small countries might collapse(exit from the euro zone).

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2015 the year of Water sheep not easy to make money and come with large-scale natural disasters, the countless natural disasters occur and cause untold casualties of war. Year of the sheep is not away a bad year, such as: movie star Zhang Ziyi was born in 1979 the year of soil sheep. Is the best year for sheep, because sheep are the most suitable for living on land. Unfortunately, 2015 is the worst year for "Sheep" the Water sheep the worst; 60 years to appear once. Because sheep impossible to survive in the water.

Because in 2015 the element of water and sheep constitute so bad, it caused a lot of bad things happen. For example: there will be more terrorist attacks, ISIL will become more rampant. The world will become crazier. Around the world will be in turmoil, people will become more unsafe to travel. Especially travel to the Middle East and South Asia.

2015 is the Year of the water sheep, sheep animal would not swim, so the water sheep year will be a very tough year. The internet often has so-called experts predict gas/oil prices will rise in 2015 to $ 5 one gallon or $ 100 a barrel. I can tell you that this is unlikely to happen in the short term, because ultra-low prices in Western countries (the US and euro) to deal with the Russia and Venezuela. They will not let oil prices rise in the short term. They need to control the oil prices to deal with disobedient countries. So if you think 2015 will be the spiraling oil prices that you're wrong you could lose a lot.

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Paper tiger of the US stock market will continue to rise. Europe's economy will be very turmoil, Some small countries might drag Europe's economy(a few years ago, I had predicted the euro and the Euro zone is something’s shouldn't be generated). US housing market has been very close to the top cannot have a big increase. Gold prices will continue to weaken it is impossible to return to the previous price of $ 1,900 an ounce (strong US dollar while depressing the price of oil and gold).

2015 investment must be careful! Stay away from the real estate, oil and gold. You can try to invest in US stocks must be sold when you make some money because the stock market has almost reached its peak. For travel: stay away from Africa, Middle East and South Asia. While natural disasters are particularly high this year, if you live in areas prone to natural disasters, you should always be ready, make sure there are certain material reserves in case of emergency.

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Numerology and Financial Research
February 19, 2015

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