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The troubled years of 2010

2010 is indeed not a good year. Only few months from New Year, the world has undergone numerous disasters.
* Several times more than magnitude 7 earthquake, killed hundreds of thousands lives.
* Major drought in northwest China has affected tens of millions of lives.
* In United States, many states tornado disasters and floods affected many people.
* U.S. Gulf of Mexico offshore oil drilling platform BP explosion leakage may create an environmental disaster.
* Iceland's volcanic eruption of ash affects more than half of Europe.

In the previous article I have explained the numbers, there only 10 numbers. The number "1" as the beginning of the number, representing a new beginning (for example: *1991 The formal dissolution of the Soviet Union. *September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks changed the world). The number "0" to representing the end of the number, Meaning a lot troubles.
This year, a number "0" at the end of the year. There are at least 8 months from next year, I can assure you: "In the next few months numerous accidents and natural disasters will be all over the world. Particularly Especially this year is the [Metal] Tiger, and [Metal] benefit water, the upcoming summer, I am afraid a lot floods will happen around the world, especially China's Yangtze River and Yellow River. "

If you are worried about is the end of the world in 2012 not as good as to take preventive measures to face this year, the disasters that may occur.

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2010, Bad luck year with ending number "0"

This month is the last month of the Golden Tiger year 2010. 5 days from the 2011 Lunar Chinese New Year (February 3, 2011). Two Asian countries Japan and Indonesia volcanic eruptions and emitted a lot of ash. Egypt Anti-government people clash with police. once again proved that every year with ending number "0" is NOT an auspicious year, especially in the last month.

Today is the last day of 2010(in Chinese Lunar year). The biggest snow storms in 60 years hit the United States, from the United States south to New Mexico, north to Maine's 3,000 km long area is snow and hail hit, about 30 states are affected. northeast over the country many airports are closed, more than 10,000 flights grounded.
Do you believe the power of FengShui Prophecy now?

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It is time to face feng shui predictions for natural disasters

Early this year prediction about global floods are become true, it is time for us to believe feng shui predictions for natural disasters. We may prevent before natural disasters occur, when natural disasters occur we may be able to reduce casualties and property losses.
Maybe you still do not believe in Feng Shui that many people think it is the principle of no scientific basis, but when you watch the TV about the radius 1,800 miles inland lake created by floods in Australia, as well as around the world from February 14, 2010 (Chinese Lunar New Year on the first day) until today (the next Chinese New Year Start February 3, 2011) and water-related floods and snowstorms. Are you continue to believe the Feng Shui is not scientific, or willing to go slowly to accepted Feng Shui that 5000 year old culture?

*Photo above is satellite images of radius 1,800 miles inland lake created by Australia floods.

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As expected, Flood Disasters occurred around the world

Almost a month ago, I told people 2010 is not a good year.
This year, with a number "0" at the end and this year is the year of [Metal], and [Metal] benefit water, because too much water, you will see more floods will happen around the world.

At the same time I must remind you: 3 volcanic eruptions around the world tells us: "underground volcanic activity is harmful. This year or next year, I am afraid there will be casualties Disasters of the super volcanic eruption or super earthquake. People living around Coastal areas and islands, people The need for disaster prevention preparation. These areas include: San Francisco, Hawaii, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Iceland, Peru and Mexico."

More than 175 dead from weekend storm in Central America
(CNN) -- The death toll from Tropical Storm Agatha continued to grow Tuesday, with 152 reported killed in Guatemala, 16 in Honduras and nine in El Salvador. One-hundred people are missing in Guatemala and another 87 are injured, the nation's emergency agency reported Tuesday. In addition, nearly 125,000 people have been evacuated and 74,000 are living in shelters, said emergency official David de Leon. The previously reported toll for Guatemala was 123 deaths, 90 people missing and 69 injured.
Posted on May 31, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

120 million people were affected and 742 deaths in China flood

Until July 23, 2010, this year the national total of 28 provinces in China suffered floods, population of 120 million people affected, the death tolls 742, 367 missing, total 7603 thousand hectares of crops affected, 670,000 houses collapsed, 152.4 billion yuan in direct economic losses.
Posted on July 23, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

3.2 million affected in Pakistan's worst flood in 80 years, killing more than 1,500 people

Heavy monsoon rains have triggered the worst floods in decades in Pakistan's northwest. Around 1,500 people are dead while tens of thousands are left homeless. UN humanitarian coordinator for Pakistan, Martin Mogwanja, described it as "a serious humanitarian disaster." The United Nations said around 980,000 people had lost their homes or been temporarily displaced.
Posted on August 03, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

7000-plus die in China mudslides

Gansu, China landslide disaster, Debris flow destroyed the villages 90% population died. The official Monday night released the disaster, the death toll to 337 people, 1148 still missing. However, the number of victims is estimated that as many as 8,000 people died. Chen Jianhua, an official in Zhouqu, said death tolls in the mudslides could more than 8,000 people.
Posted on August 09, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

700 die everyday in Russia Deadly Forest fire

Moscow, Russia (CNN) -- The mortality rate in Moscow, Russia, has "doubled recently" because of an extended streak of heat and smog, Andrei Seltsovsky, the head of the city health department, told Russian news agencies Monday. Seltsovsky said that the average daily mortality rate in Moscow is 360 to 380 cases, but "today the rate is around 700." Out of 1,500 slots in city morgues, 1,300 were occupied, he added.
The death toll directly attributed to the country's recent spate of wildfires remained at 52, the Russian Health and Social Development Ministry said on its website Monday. Another 62 people across Russia were in hospitals with wildfire-related ailments, and in all, 741 people had sought wildfire-related medical assistance, it said.
Posted on August 11, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

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Guatemala Pacaya Volcano Broke out. . .

Big volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, Ecuador
GUATEMALA CITY - Explosive eruptions shook two huge volcanos in Central and South America on Friday, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes and disrupting air traffic as ash drifted over wide regions.
At least 1,600 people from villages closest to the volcano have been evacuated to shelters.
2010 really troubled year, the next few months we will see more natural disasters.
Posted on June 06, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

Volcano eruption forces thousands to evacuate in Indonesia

A volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra has erupted for the first time in 400 years, causing some ten thousand people to flee from their homes after the authorities issued a red alert.
Posted on August 11, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

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South Island of New Zealand's Rocked by Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck New Zealand's South Island, knocking out power, damaging roads and ripping facades off buildings in Christchurch, the country's second-largest city.
The quake, about 55 kilometers (34 miles) west-northwest of the city and at a depth of 12 kilometers, ruptured sewer lines and water pipes and led to the closing of the airport, Radio New Zealand reported. At least two people suffered serious injuries, the public broadcaster said, citing Christchurch Hospital.
Posted on September 3, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

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When natural disasters will stop?

Early this year, I published in my English and Chinese sites: 2010 will be a lot of natural disasters. With particular reference to this year is [gold] benefit [water] so the floods around the world continuously. These predictions are all happened, now is the time to ask: "when will it end?"

If you have been tracking my articles, you may have noticed the next year, 2011 also year of [gold](*Golden Rabbit), [gold] benefit [water] too much water is not good for rabbit and rabbit don't know how to swimming. In this case, the situation is not optimistic for next year.

First of all: natural disasters, they still around the world and the floods more than this year. Gold prices rose higher and higher. The U.S. economic recovery will be like the turtle walking - "so slow." Renewable energy industry will prosper. China is the world's major industries will be the new battleground, Those China stocks listed in the United States stock market prices will go up.

Due to natural disasters, production and manufacture of material goods company is one of the preferred investment. U.S. real estate have to wait until June 2012, it will slowly recovering after June 2012, If you want to buy a house you should wait until late next year.

Posted on October 3, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

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Unlucky day - October 26, 2010

7.7 earthquake triggers tsunami that kills 183 in Indonesia

Ten foot tsunami waves caused by a massive earthquake swept across islands off the western coast of Indonesia killing at least 183 and leaving hundreds missing. The earthquake and tsunami add to the list of disasters in a 24 hour period that also includes a volcanic eruption.
The magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck at October 25, 2010 9:42pm local time Monday night on the same fault that generated a magnitude 9.1 temblor in 2004 that killed 230,000. The quake was 12.8 miles below the surface and centered 150 miles west of Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia or 500 miles west-northwest of Jakarta.
Posted on October 26, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

13 tornadoes hit 5 U.S states grounded 500 flights and Tens of thousands without power

Dangerous winds grounded hundreds of flights and interrupted shipping traffic on the Great Lakes Tuesday as a massive storm system whipped the central United States and left tens of thousands without power.
Some 13 tornadoes were reported in five states as near hurricane-force winds ripped roofs off homes, damaged businesses and knocked down trees and power lines, the National Weather Service said.
Posted on October 26, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

Volcanic eruption in Indonesia once again, 33 people deaths

At least 33 people killed by explosive eruption. Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupted on Thursday for the second time in a week, blasting vast plumes of ash into the sky, as the death toll from the initial eruption and a tsunami that hit remote western islands reached 377.
There were no immediate reports of new casualties after Merapi's second eruption. More than 40,000 people had fled or been evacuated from Merapi's slopes earlier in the week, but many started to return after the volcano appeared to become calmer.
Officials said the death toll from a tsunami that hit the remote western Mentawai islands on Monday had reached at least 343. The tsunami was triggered on Monday by a 7.5 magnitude quake. A day later, Mount Merapi on the outskirts of Yogyakarta city on Java island erupted, killing at least 34.
Posted on October 26, 2010 by: Johnny Cheng

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